Everyone knows eating healthy is expensive. Especially if you rely on a restaurant to provide the healthy eats! There aren't many places to eat healthy in the Quad Cities, or any where in the country for that matter because health businesses are hard to keep up with and very expensive. I get to see this first hand every day when I go to Cinnamon and Sage for lunch.

A couple of things they do that stands out:
They shop locally.
Most of everything they serve is fresh and comes from a local grower
They make fatty foods healthy.
They take Classic dishes and put their own healthy spin on it.
They do meal preps.
They have a whole separate menu for meal preps. Contact them to get started.
Every first time customer gets free veggie chips. I've tried them and they are awesome.

And now, they have a $5 Daily Special. The $5 will get you the sandwich without a side. You can chips for $2 though. They will have a different special every day they are open. Their hot bison sandwich, buffalo chicken wrap, Mediterranean wrap, tomato basil melt, and vegan mac and cheese are all on their special list. These are all customer favorites.
Check them out at 1115 W 2nd St. 2nd street in Davenport.

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