A new report is saying the QC is about to get slammed by snow, but is it fake news?

A Facebook page called Snow Day has this dire prediction for the Midwest this week:

Looking at this graphic, my first response is YIKES. The possibility of 6-12 inches of snow hitting our region this early in November is enough to make you want to book a flight to Tahiti ASAP.

But upon closer inspection, I discovered Snow Day is a blog, not an official weather page. The person who runs it is a self-proclaimed "veteran weather forecaster," so I would hope they would have a background in weather science and meteorology.

Weather.com is forecasting a possibility for a bit of winter weather this week, but it seems more likely that sleet or light snow will hit the region Thursday into Friday. No big snowstorm in sight.

One thing is for sure- temps are about to plummet into the 30's, so the possibility of snow has officially become a reality.

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