Technology gives everyone the power to become a viral sensation with a couple clicks and the right ridiculous idea. Adults and kids alike can often get caught up in the idea of instant fame and end up putting their lives at risk - sometimes without knowing it.

Every other week it seems like we hear about another kid or teenager with life-threatening injuries because of a new viral "challenge" or game.

Here are a few to be cautious of:

The Choking Game

What it is: Cutting off air supply to induce a "high." Usually done with their hands or a noose and can be done alone or in a group.

Why it's dangerous: Cutting off your air supply is never a good idea - you need to breathe to live. People that participate in this game often pass out, and, unfortunately, sometimes they don't wake back up.

Chubby Bunny:

What it is: Often played during the summer/at camp, it's where the player stuffs marshmallows in their mouth, after each one saying "Chubby Bunny" until they can no longer say it, or anything at all.

Why it's dangerous: The game has been associated with multiple deaths due to choking

The Cinnamon Challenge

What it is: Swallowing large quantities of cinnamon by itself. Popularized by a series of viral YouTube videos.

Why it's dangerous: Cinnamon doesn't dissolve easily, so after the participant attempts to swallow, they're usually confronted with severe coughing and sometimes vomiting. More serious conditions associated with the challenge are lung collapse and pneumonia.

The Duct Tape Challenge

What it is: Friends will duct tape your entire body to see how long it takes the individual to free oneself.

Why it's dangerous: One teenager is currently recovering from serious injuries after trying to free himself from the duct tape. 14-year-old Skylar Fish struggled get out, fell forward and hit his head on the corner of a window frame and then proceeded to fall into the concrete floor.

The Gallon Challenge

What it is: The participant is required to drink an entire gallon of whole milk within a one-hour time frame without vomiting.

Why it's dangerous: The stomach isn't able to process that much milk, or anything really, at one time. If it's attempted, you can expect vomiting, diarrhea, cramps and bloating to follow shortly thereafter.




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