If there is one board game that people love and hate to play, it would be Monopoly. The banker always cheats, it takes too long to play, and it's a little too close to real life, especially paying taxes. People in the cities of Davenport and Clinton can now play a version of Monopoly that is based on both of these Eastern Iowa river cities.

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If you're looking for a solid Christmas present for your friends or relatives in Clinton and Davenport, boy do we have something for you.

Over the weekend, posts were going viral about a new board game in Clinton that is based on the classic game of Monopoly called Clinton-opoly. The post was going viral after the Walmart in Clinton proudly posted a photo that the new game was available at their stores while supplies last.

After that, people did one of three things:

  • Talked trash about Clinton
  • Defend the game and the city of Clinton
  • Actually came up with funny memes about the Clinton game that made us laugh.

One of those funny memes came from our favorite Facebook page, Quad City memes.

After the memes and posts about Clinton-opoly went viral, it meant it was a great time to remind you that yes, Davenport has its own Monopoly game called Davenport-opoly.

Last year, my wife and I saw Davenport-opoly while walking through the W Kimberly Walmart, and of course, I had to buy it.

Connor Kenney Townsquare Media/Quad Cities
Connor Kenney Townsquare Media/Quad Cities

Like Clinton-opoly, the Davenport version is for those ages 8 and up. It is meant for two to six players. As the box says, it's a fun game celebrating Davenport, Iowa! Davenport-opoly and Clinton-opoly would make a solid Christmas gift and will definitely make some memories, laughs, and people offended this holiday season.

Check out Davenport-opoly and the places you'll find on the board in the gallery below.


Davenport-opoly is just like Monopoly but Davenport-themed! Get 5 of your friends and gather around to board for a fun game night that features Davenport-opoly.

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