There's no denying it's been hot in the Quad Cities lately. Highs have been typically in the mid to low 90s. The extended forecast shows that the heat will not be letting up anytime soon.

It's been hot enough that air conditioners haven't been able to keep up in some places. One of those places is a place many visitors want to check out in downtown Davenport. That is the Davenport Skybridge. The Skybridge is a place where pedestrians can go up to and take in beautiful views of the Mississippi River, downtown Davenport, and see across the river into Rock Island.

Because it's been impossible to cool in this weather, the City of Davenport is temporarily closing the Skybridge for everyone's safety.

Davenport Skybridge Is Closed For Now

The City of Davenport took to social media on Wednesday to announce that the Skybridge in downtown Davenport is temporarily closed. Windows aren't broken, they aren't cleaning it, or there isn't a group of people trying to live there forcing the closure. No, it's just too damn hot outside.

Officials said effective immediately, the Skybridge is closed 24/7 due to the inability to cool the bridge to bearable temperatures. I can't imagine the amount of tax dollars that goes into keeping that thing cool. It's all windows, really no circulation, and it's a few stories tall. Yeah, heat rises people. Welcome to science.

Davenport city officials say that the bridge will reopen when the temperatures moderate and/or ample repairs are made. Maybe we just take this summer off and fix those roads instead? Officials will let us know the status of the Skybridge as more is known.

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