Are you ready for the week ahead? Are actually though? I find it always helps to have something to look forward to when starting off a new week. So this week, no matter how tough it gets, remember that you'll be able to get your frustrations out this weekend in an extreme way.

On Saturday, March 2, you can join other Quad Citizens for the "QC Brewery Hatchet-Throwing Tour." It's exactly what it sounds like; you'll start the day throwing hatchets at targets and end it with drinks.

I've seen hatchet throwing all over social media lately, but primarily in Chicago. It's exciting to know we have it right here in the QCA!

Here's the official event description, courtesy of

Join us for hatchet throwing at Live Action Games, followed by transportation to local favorites Great River Brewery, Crawford Brew Works, and Wake Brewing.


$59/person includes 45 minutes of hatchet throwing, a pint at each brewery and additional samples, a brewery tour, and transportation between breweries. Tour starts at Live Action Games (320 W Kimberly Rd #234, Davenport, IA) Advanced booking required - grab your spot at

And hey, even if it's a good week for you, this'll be the perfect way to cap it with your friends! I

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