I know this may disturb some of our listeners, but I'm not here to start a debate. If hunting and meat disturb you...STOP READING NOW!

Ok, now that that's out of the way...according to KWQC, it's dear season. Deer hunting season in Illinois begins Friday and will conclude the weekend of November 30th thru December 3rd. Hunting is only open 30 minutes before sun rise until 30 minutes after sun set Friday thru Sunday.

Officials in Illinois are reminding hunters to be safe. There were 29 hunting related incidents last year.

If you're using a tree stand, hunters should secure themselves with safety harnesses. Most of the incidents last year included hunters falling out of their tree stands. Also, always assume a gun is loaded and always point a firearm in a safe direction.

Hunters in most Illinois counties have to register the deer they harvest online, or by phone.

Have fun and be safe.


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