Many of us have visited the villages of the Amana Colonies in Amana, Iowa, but you may not realize that the tourist attraction is reportedly chock full of ghosts.

According to Ghosts Of The Prairie, Sauk Indians haunt the area called "Indian Dam," a popular fishing area north of Homestead. Apparently, visitors have heard the sound of drums and Indian chants in the area.

"Ghost Corner," also known as Geist Ecke in German, is said to be another hot spot for paranormal activity. White, filmy apparitions have been spotted in this area, which is located at a bend in the road between Middle and High Amana.

Granny Sprague Cemetary, also located near Homestead, is where Mary Wright's grave is located. Many visitors have seen a blue light shine above the grave on New Year's Eve. Mary was only six years old when she died, so it could be that she's trying to signify all of the time she missed out on.

Another graveyard in the area, Greencastle Cemetary, is also said to be haunted. Located in nearby Madison, the cemetery has a reputation for being creepy, according to Haunted Places. No one has been buried there for years, but visitors have seen dirt plots that look fresh, along with tombstones that have been moved around. If there aren't spirits at Greencastle, they certainly seem to have a vandalism problem. A woman with long black hair that dresses in black and attempts to talk to children has also been spotted there.

Whatever the case may be, it's interesting that such a quaint area could be so haunted. You normally think of Amana as a place to shop for baked goods with your grandma, not a hotspot for paranormal activity. The area does have a long and rich history, however, so it's natural that a few spooky stories would pop up from time to time.

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