I was talking to a friend the other day about high school. I graduated in 2016, so as we looked at five years we realized the idea of "peaking in high school" could now start being applied. Urban dictionary defines peaking in High school as,

This phrase can be used to describe people that routinely bring up high school when they are well into their 30's, because they haven't had a single exciting or interesting experience since their senior year, and as such their lives and themselves are said to have, "peaked in high school."

You can use this poll on yourself or friends.

How the scores work:

10+: Yeah you peaked.

8-9: You really enjoy the glory days.

5-7: You liked high school.

3-4: High school was just a part of life.

1-2: You hated that place.

Now Lets get started! 

This is just for fun, if you got a high score that's totally fine! You just really liked high school. What was your score? let us know on the B100 App.

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