The Mississippi River is looking awfully high right now.

It's not unexpected; with all the snow we had this winter, the River is several feet above flood level. All the rain we've been getting lately doesn't make it any better. In fact, it actually made my car dirtier this week. Did you go through this too?

Apparently, this is actually a thing. According to Our Quad Cities, it's called "dirty" rain. It didn't just hit the Quad Cities though.

Before the storm hit us, It actually did some damage in the South and West as well. And that's exactly what made it dirty. While rolling through that part of the country, the strong winds whipped up dust, dirt and pollen, which got carried up into the storm.

So, when it finally did get to us, everything came down. It's good to know for the future, just mildly impossible to plan for.

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