If you're looking major deals on DVDs, games and electronics, you might want to head over to Disc Replay in Moline! They're having a huge sale right now, including:

DVDs - Buy 4 Get 6 FREE
20% off PS3 systems
30% off Orig XB games, PS2 games, PSP games, and GBA/GB games
30% off CDs

Unfortunately, the reason for this sale isn't necessarily a happy one. In an announcement posted to their Facebook page, Disc Replay revealed that they are closing their Moline location.

It's not all bad news though! On top of this massive sale, Disc Replay's Davenport location is going to become the focus of the owners. They've promised customers that the Davenport location will be bigger — specifically, double its original size — and better than before.

No official date of closure has been announced yet, but keep an eye out here! As soon as we know, we'll let you know!

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