It's taking an extra minute for our cars to wake up lately.

Unfortunately, we're not done with winter. It's warming up but with more snow hanging around, it's still causing some issues.

And thanks to that cold, we all end up in a mini-Olympic sport. It's that frantic race you do when you park to get out of the car and inside your house/office ASAP.  How fast can I turn the engine/headlights off, grab everything I need, and hoof it inside? That can lead to you realizing you left something in the car and getting hit with that feeling of dread, like "ugh but do I really need to go in the cold and get it though?"

Some things will be fine in the cold. You can get away with leaving certain items in your car this winter, as long as you don't mind them being super cold the next time you try to use them. My snow brush, a jacket, and Christmas wrapping paper (?) are all in the backseat of my car right now. Those can stay in my car (at least until it warms up enough for me to clean it out).

But not everything can withstand these temps. Obviously, any kind of liquids you have in the car will absolutely freeze up overnight. So here's your list of stuff you can't leave in the car in our arctic blast, so you know what you have to indeed go back out into the cold and get when you get home. Memorize it, make your life easier.

Do Not Leave These 6 Items In Your Car During A Cold Snap

Gallery Credit: Canva

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Essential Winter Emergency Kit Items

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