I love Halloween, and while I've never personally bought costumes for my cats, or dog I have family who has. My sister just got a cat, and bought a simple collar that has fake spider webs around it. She's not the only one buying themed collars or costumes. The pet costume business is a million dollar industry. 

However some people are asking if this industry is cruel.

My sister's cat was raised with a collar so he seems pretty use to the new themed collar. Personally I think as long as your animal seems happy, and content with their costume, you are fine. Keeping an eye out for your pets happiness is always important. Professionals agree to an extent.

In 2018 Peta said,

"But while dog costumes may look cute to humans, the animals forced to wear them probably find them uncomfortable, cumbersome, or even frightening."

2 years later they still stand by this. So now the question is what do you think about pet costumes?

Many of us are animal lovers, and just want what's best for our pets, and to have fun. Hopefully Halloween 2020 can be great for you, and your furry friends.

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