When you buy new clothes, do you take them home and wear them right away or do you wash them first? I sometimes have to dress on the go and if I forget something, maybe get a stain while I'm eating a quick slice of gas station pizza, or realize I'm going at a formal thing and I look like I'm ready for a day at the beach, I run and buy what I need and change in the bathroom or in my car. How about the clothing you got for Christmas? Did you launder them first or wear them right off the hanger? Experts say the answer it whether you should wash them first or not is YES, but not because someone may have tried the garment on first. It's because companies spray the clothing with preservatives like formaldehyde to prevent mildew while they're being shipped.  And THAT can cause a rash, especially if you have sensitive skin. EWWWWW! That makes me think twice before I grab a shirt on the run. The one time you should definitely wash something before you wear it is if it's something intimate, like a bathing suit or lingerie. I'll admit, I don't wash my unmentionables right away because they come wrapped in plastic packaging. If they are just sitting out there for everyone to touch they definitely get washed first. I do know some stores won't repackage and resell undergarments if you return them. Your chances of catching something are slightly higher if your GROINAL region comes into play.  So wash stuff like that before you wear it, and always try it on over your underwear. Great! Just what I need...more laundry. As if 2 loads a week wasn't enough. Better safe than sorry. Read the whole article here, maybe while your sitting at the Laundromat.

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