Sometimes living in a bi-state region drives me nuts. One community, two states divided by a river...and laws.


Did you know you cant bring beer or wine from Illinois to Iowa?

According to KWQC, the Iowa alcohol beverage division reminded consumers about a law that has been around forever. Did you know you cant bring beer or wine from Illinois to Iowa? Liquor is ok, but if you go to Bent River and grab a growler of Uncommon Stout, don't bring it to Iowa.

Bent River says 50% of its business comes from Iowa. There are 4 breweries and 4 wineries in the Illinois Quad Cities.

For more information on the law here's a link to the educational bulletin presented by the Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division.

In the meantime, you can pick up Bent River beers in 6 packs at just about any liquor store in the Quad Iowa or Illinois, but its not the same as a fresh growler.

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