Road construction season is in full swing in the Quad Cities and for some businesses, the cost is more than money.

In the past year or so, I've frequented a few businesses inside a building between Federal and Tremont, off River Drive in Davenport. It's called the Gordon-Van Tine Commons but may be better known for where Isabel Bloom sculputres are made.

I go there for massage and natural health alternatives that are on my must-haves for my health. What I discovered since the construction began, where Java Java is located, is that the construction is making it very difficult to actually access all the wonderful business there. I decided to ask.

Harborview Health and Wellness has felt the effects and so has Little Love Chiropractic, with customers cancelling appointments for lack of access to the building and parking. With Federal closed, it was a challenge to access the building from Tremont Ave. With the closing of Tremont Ave this week, and construction vehicles taking up the parking lot spaces, being able to keep business going in this building for the owners and customers, it's becoming harder and harder.  Not only does money become an issue, so does reputation and customer service.

Even Davenport School of Yoga has had to come up with creative ways to promote the fact they are still open and hope people will not let the construction deter customers.

No doubt, this space is going to be beautiful and one amazing place after the construction is complete. A 115 unit loft apartments will bring plenty of people into the building. Until then, what's the best solution to keeping these businesses going?

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