It's not just a one-time thing for 'Easter Bunny' to be listed as representing the prosecution on court documents. It's happening hundreds of times in Polk County.

As Iowa Capital Dispatch reports, here's what happened on April 4th: the online docket sheets for hundreds of Polk County cases (found in Iowa Courts Online) were revised to reflect that prosecution had been transferred from Kailey Gray (an assistant county attorney) to a "prosecutor" by the name of 'Easter Santa Bunny'.

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It's not a hack, it's more of a placeholder. Gray is transferring cases and her old cases were transferred to 'Easter Bunny' until all of the work on the digital case transfer could be done. That's according to Bret Lucas, an assistant county attorney.

Iowa Courts Online/Iowa Capital Dispatch
Iowa Courts Online/Iowa Capital Dispatch

However, we're not supposed to see 'Easter Bunny' through the search. It's only supposed to be seen by attorneys, judges, clerks, and those with security clearance. That's why Stacy Curtis, a supervisor for the criminal division of the Polk County Clerk of Court’s Office, has not enjoyed this. She told Iowa Capital Dispatch:

This has been a nightmare for me. We moved everything from Kaylie to the Easter Bunny, and those should have all been cleaned up so you wouldn’t be able to see that.

As the Dispatch reports, some of these fictitious cases are built as training exercises for clerical staff. In 1997, Santa was convicted of felony burglary and kidnapping, with a charge of assault on a peace officer dismissed by the court.

They left that out of The Night Before Christmas didn't they?

Now, it looks like all of the Easter Bunny cases are down from Iowa Courts Online. But still a chuckle to imagine the Easter Bunny or Santa in an episode of Law & Order ("these are their stories. Dum dum").

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