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Homemade Delicious Pumpkin Pie

I'm ready for all of the pie this Thanksgiving! After eating pounds of turkey, mash potatoes, and all the other fixin's, getting a slice, or 3, of pie just really seals the deal. I love basically all pies, but what is each state's favorite after Thanksgiving meal pie flavor?

In a new study recently published by Zippia, they give us the rundown on each state's favorite pie flavor. Before we reveal to you the Quad Cities' favorite pie flavor, let's find out just how Zippia got their answers.

To find out each state's favorite Thanksgiving pie flavor, Zippia used Google Trends data for last November 2019.

According to their study, overall pie search volume goes way up on Thanksgiving day as many people cooks try and make the perfect pie. To find out each state's favorite Thanksgiving pie in 2020, you would have to wait until after Thanksgiving of this year.

Using the data they found, Zippia then searched a number of pies for general popularity. Even though you can make whatever pie you want for Thanksgiving, most people make seasonal pies and leave berry flavored pies as a summer treat.

Across the country these are the most popular Thanksgiving pies:

  1. Pumpkin
  2. Apple
  3. Pecan
  4. Sweet Potato Pie
  5. Cream pie

Let's find out what pie flavor is a favorite among Quad Citizens.

The Quad Cities loves themselves some pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving!

Iowa and Illinois join 40 other states who also love pumpkin pie. Pecan pie is the flavor of choice among 5 states, while only 3 states prefer apple pie.

Personally, I love some cherry pie anytime I can get it, but hopefully no one in my family minds if I grab a slice of pumpkin pie too.

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