A warm, yummy pie sounds great right about now, doesn't it?

We're eating our weight in carbs today and one part of the feast I can never pass up is the pie. I don't get to eat pie many other times of the year besides Thanksgiving and it's so warm and delicious. Pecan pie is historically my favorite but my grandmother makes a chocolate chess pie that's amazing too.


A lot of us are having different kinds of pies today but what's the overall favorite in the QC? According to research published this year from USA Today, we don't agree on it. The stats come from Google searches from October 6th-November 6th, to see which states are looking up which pies the most ahead of Thanksgiving.

Illinois' Favorite Thanksgiving Pie


Illinois is apparently as American as well...apple pie! Apple pie is by far the national favorite, being the most searched pie in 34 states! And who doesn't love a good warm slice of apple pie?

Iowa's Favorite Thanksgiving Pie


Iowa likes a good gourd on our Thanksgiving dessert plate because our favorite is pumpkin pie! Hot take: I don't love pumpkin pie, but I'll probably eat it if I have to. Pumpkin pie came in second as the national favorite, with 14 states searching it the most leading up to Thanksgiving.

Whether your pies are homemade or storebought this year, they still deserve a place in your feast. They're delicious. Enjoy your apple and pumpkin pies, QC!

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