QCA families, if you've ever wanted to star on a game show, here is your chance.

Family Feuding is holding auditions in Chicago this Nov 17 and 18. That's not too far of a drive from the QCA, and it's worth it if you think your family would do well on the show.

On their website, the show says they're looking for families that stand out- think bold, energetic, and funny. The families need to have good interaction with host Steve Harvey. In other words, if your dad is someone who always says embarrassing things at the family get-togethers, you may have a good shot. But remember, he also has to know how to play the game. (May we suggest binge-watching a little Feud this weekend?)

In order to qualify, you must fit these legal requirements:

Think your family fits the bill? Read FAQs about the tryout process and apply to audition here.

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