Healthy wine? Ok, yeah, sign me up.

Wine is the best.

I mean, other things in life are good too, but there's nothing quite like a perfect glass of wine.

The problem comes sometimes if you're trying to watch your sugar intake and enjoy your favorite wine.

Wine is pretty sugary, because... well... it comes from grapes.

But there's a new wine out there, FitVine that is lowering the sugar in your glass.

Breakthru Beverage Illinois spilled the deets on this new wine and obviously I want to get my hands on it.

They said on Facebook: Consumers have a healthy appreciation for good wine, and FitVine Wine appreciates healthy consumers. Their wines deliver an exceptional experience with less sugar, calories, and carbs than traditional wine.

Breakthru is a distributor so like, someone who owns a restaurant can you please carry this so I can come drink more wine with less sugar?




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