The Quad Cities is not new to understanding the devastation of flooding and what it takes to support those in need.

We’ve had more floods than we can count here in the Quad Cities.  It’s been a part of our lives, most of our lives. Some floods are more devastating than others. When that happens, that is when we need community support and help. But, what if we didn’t have the support of local community? What would we do?

I was made aware this week of devastating flooding happening just outside of our region in the Native American lands of North and South Dakota, when I met Sage Sisters, a local group of women who bring strong lineage, stories, activism and a powerful message of survival, hope and community to the Quad Cities.

In getting to know Josie and Regina, they told me about the devastating flooding in the regions where they are from. The tribes of Standing Rock in North Dakota and in Pine Ridge South Dakota have been hard. Highways are flooded over and they have little to no resources there. Not only are some communities rurally located and now, even harder to get to, they are impoverished and have limited resources.

There’s nothing like helping others in need. The Quad Cities knows and understands first-hand how much help like this means.


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