The Freaking Out Tour has officially begun, and Spencer Sutherland is definitely freaking out about it.

It's a good kind of freak-out though; it's the kind that's bound to come after years of working toward something like this. On this tour, Spencer isn't just an opener – he's the headliner. Spanning across 12 cities in the month of August, it's a huge moment in Sutherland's career.

He's already played multiple sold out crowds, including Chicago's Beat Kitchen! We sat down with Spencer before his show on the 17th, to discuss what other things freak him out. Check it out:

Basically, if you ever need someone on your team who's going to keep their cool, it should probably be Spencer Sutherland (unless bugs, heights or tight spaces are involved).

His debut EP is now streaming on Spotify, along with a new song he just released with Hoodie Allen on August 15, called "Giving Up On Us."

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