We've been hearing how good the Moline Maroons football team is so we wanted to see it up close and personal for ourselves. After further review, we can concur... The Moline Maroons are in fact, very good! They blew out the Galesburg Streaks like they have many opponents. This was also Moline's Senior night so it was a great showing for the Seniors! Both teams were great sports though, and both sides had a great time! Thanks to Moline for having us and coming ready for our recap video this week. Thanks to our Galesburg listeners as well!

This high school football season is getting intense. Moline heads to Rock Island this week and we may or not be there for our next game of the week!

Let us know where YOU think we should go next!

Here is our recap video!

Here are the pics!

Galesburg vs Moline

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