It FINALLY happened! 108 years. The longest drought in professional sports. MY Chicago Cubs won the World Series in November. It was one of the highlights of my 40th year being on this earth. I've been a Cubs fan for as long as I could remember. My Grandpa would watch the games with me when I would go to my Grandparents house. You didn't love the Cubs because they won. Grandpa said we loved them because they were "ours." We grew up in the era of Harry Cary, Andre "Awesome" Dawson, Mark Grace, Ryne Sandburg, Shawn Dunston, and Greg Maddux among others.

I never got to Wrigley as a kid. I was like 28 the first time I stepped foot into "my Graceland." I was so overcome with emotion that day I might have actually teared up. I was FINALLY there. I remember waiting thru a 3 1/2 hour rain delay, but my Cubs finally got to business. Sammy Sosa hit a homerun that day and Mark Grace played his final game as a Cub.

I've been to many games since, both at Wrigley and a few at other ballparks. I was at like 5 or 6 this past season. I still get emotional every time I go to or watch a game on TV, and this past season was no different. Then it happened. The unthinkable. Wednesday, November 3rd, 2016 (technically it was the 4th because of the extra innings and rain delay), the Cubs were World Series Champs! There have only been a couple times I've cried from daughter being born being the first (from what I can remember). I was a mess. I received many phone calls to which I couldn't answer because I couldn't talk without sounding like a blubbering idiot. Then the parade. I didn't get to go, but I watched online from my desk. That's when I thought the tears of joy would be over until April. Then I read that the trophy would be in Davenport. The World Series Trophy will be at the River Music Experience on Monday, January 30th from Noon to 1:30pm. That's my birthday week. What a way to kick off this Cubs fans 41st year. "Holy Cow!"

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