If you've ever seen Toy Story, you know exactly who the Green Army Men are. If you're a mom, you've probably stepped on a few in real life at some point too. The tiny plastic figurines have become iconic over the years; they've never really gone away! And next year, they're getting an update.

After decades and decades of just seeing green army men, Christmas 2020 will bring green army WOMEN onto the scene, according to WQAD.

At this point, only a few places in America make these toys; the most prominent one is out of Pennsylvania. They produce a few hundred thousand of the little figurines each year. In recent years, the shop has gotten requests from kids and service members alike to add some women figurines to the mix.

Here's the early concept of what they'll look like:

Personally, I think Woody and Buzz Lightyear would be pretty stoked about this.

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