Davenport could be the newest location for a Trader Joe's.  The Facebook group, "Bring Trader Joe's To The Quad Cities", has some big backers including Chris Glass, who was instrumental in getting Portillo’s to the Quad Cities.  And the group recently shared some big news.

“We are officially on the radar! Conversations have been had with the Trader Joes’ team this month and we are making strides.  Now it is time to get to work.  We need everyone to continue sharing these posts and inviting their friends to like this page so we can bring this home.” 

The location for the potential Trader Joe's has already been selected.  Elmore Marketplace in Davenport.  The push to get a Trader Joe's has not been a blind "we want it, please come here." type of pitch.  The group has the stats to back up why one would succeed and thrive in Davenport.

According to Glass and his group, a large number of people from the Quad Cities currently drive two hours round trip to shop at Trader Joe’s proven by cellular data studies they have conducted.  Plus, the demographic surrounding Elmore Marketplace meets or exceeds that of other Iowa Trader Joe’s markets proven by their studies.

Now that preliminary conversations have been had with the Trader Joe’s corporate and real estate team, the group is now working to show the company the amount of community support they have for the Quad Cites location.  Currently the “Bring Trader Joe’s to the Quad Cities” Facebook page has over 7,000 followers.  They are striving to reach at least 16,000.  You can follow the page here, and get more information at qctraderjoes.com.

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