It’s that time of year again! Football season is right around the corner, so that means fantasy football leagues are launching all around the country, Typically, people see fantasy football as a “male dominated sport”. An activity for guys to do with their friends to make the football season more interesting while their girlfriends poke fun of how dorky it is and do their own “girl things” with their friends. Many claim there is no skill involved when playing fantasy football.

Times have changed. There is equal opportunity in fantasy football these days. With leagues launching in the work place and other places, more and more women are getting involved and drafting their own teams. A recent survey around the country shows that the amount of women playing fantasy football has gone up over 1000% over the past few years. Literally. Not only that, these women are winning cash, and in many case taking the championship!

Thousands of women polled saying they were in at least 1 fantasy football league for the 2017 season. Of these women, almost exactly HALF said they made it to the championship! Ironically enough, half of the women who claimed to have made it to their fantasy football championship admit to knowing almost nothing about football and knowing even less about fantasy football. Some go as far as to say they chose their players based on how cute they player was or knowing them by name. Many of the girls who drafted their team online admitted to letting their team auto draft. Either way, they were able to pull it off and deserve much credit.

So ladies, wanna make some extra cash or beat your boyfriend at something he loves more than you? Give your beginners luck a try and play fantasy football this year. You’ll never know what can happen!

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