Seeing what kind of flavors of classic snacks exist in other countries can be a lot of fun. And they make great souvenirs if you ever end up going to any of those places. But this one is just...super weird, and vaguely upsetting.

Ham and cheese flavored Pringles. Oh yes, they exist.

Now, I was not actively seeking out new Pringles flavors when I found these. I'm perfectly happy with the originals, or the sour cream and onion, depending on the day. No, these came to me courtesy of a friend's Instagram.

She traveled to Vienna, Venice, and a few other places over the last week and posted her Pringle findings. I can't be sure which country they were in, but in all honesty, it sounds so American doesn't it?

It's one of the only truly "out there" flavors Pringles has right now, though there are some interesting "rice fusion" flavors on their site. Still...I'm terrified of these but also we NEED to know what they actually taste like.

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