As you get ready to go hard with fam during the holidays or plan to not remember ringing in the new year, you probably should know what hangover cures don't work the next day.

Mirror did some research to find out what the biggest myths are when it comes to turning around your awful morning after feeling. The worst part about being hungover is going to see more family that same day and you just can't shake it, or worse.... more shopping....

There are some helpful tips in here to help sooth your crappy feeling but if you're morning hangover "cure" is a myth, I highly suggest you switch it up with something that does work.

Myth: A Greasy Good Morning

After a fun filled night of boozing, we always want all of the greasy food. Burgers, fries, bacon, anything with butter and so much more... But that will only make matters worse.

Health experts warn that it's best not to bring home the bacon. For, drinking causes you to lose nutrients through urine – and a heavy breakfast could trigger indigestion.


Helpful: Having a more nutritious breakfast can help you battle a hangover quicker. Fruits like bananas, can help restore potassium and boost those blood sugar levels.

Myth: Working Out

Sweat it out sounds like a good idea right? Remember that alcohol dehydrates you and when you work out, you become more dehydrate which is really bad.

Helpful: If you feel the need to mover around, it's better to go for a light walk in the fresh air to release endorphins and improve circulation.

Myth: Take an Advil or Ibuprofen Before Passing Out

Taking medicine before you hit the sack is going to literally do nothing for you. Advil or ibuprofen takes around 30 minutes to kick in and by the time you get your 8 hours in, it has already worn off.

And if you read the back of any over the counter medicine bottles, they all say DON'T TAKE WITH ALCOHOL!!! It will definitely mess with your stomach and liver big time.


Helpful: If you are having a really bad hangover the next morning, take your headache reliever then so you can actually feel it working.

Myth: Coffee 

Coffee will wake me up with the caffeine right? Coffee will actually dehydrate you, not as bad as when you go hard trying to workout, but it still will dehydrate you just like the alcohol has done.

Helpful: If you are really craving coffee, just have one cup with a water and then go straight to drinking water.

Myth: Late Night Snacks

I am absolutely guilty for this. Pizza is always my go-to after a night of fun, but it is an awful idea.

After a night a drinking, food doesn't simply just "soak it up." It will actually cause you to gain weight with the carbs from the beer and all the carbs you just ate.

Helpful: Eat before you drink, not the other way around. Food in your stomach will definitely help you not get as drunk and make you not feel totally awful the next day.

Myth: Hair Of The Dog

Drinking the day after drinking does nothing but delay and add onto your hangover. Plus, continuing to drink while hungover the next day is really bad for all of your insides.

Helpful: Don't order a mimosa or beer with your breakfast. Stick to water and finish your toast.

Don't forget, New Years day is National Hangover Day and that is the last thing you want to celebrate to kick off 2020. Cheers!

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