Friends, this is the day we've been training for since...well, last year. It's National Cookie Day! Oh rejoice friends! Hallmark should make it a national holiday.

You would think that Cookie Monster would have made the morning talk shows, but he didn't. So disappointed. Here are some survey numbers about cookies. Grab a glass of milk and enjoy.

1.  Only 2% of people say they never eat cookies.  And 8% of women and 14% of men eat them more than once a day.

2.  We slightly prefer homemade cookies to store-bought ones, 54% to 46%.

3.  65% of people say they prefer chewy cookies over crunchy ones.

4.  But . . . Oreos are by far the most popular brand of cookies.

5.  And 43% of us have opened a package of Oreos and eaten an entire row of them in one sitting.  There are 13 Oreos per row, if you're curious.

I love cookies about as much as tacos. White chocolate macadamia nut are pry me favorite followed closely by chocolate chip. So happy National Cookie Day....or as Chris Christie calls it...Monday!.