There's been a lot of money flowing through the Quad Cities this year! Between lotto winners and higher job wages, it's a good time to live in the area. And this weekend, it's an especially good time to be a gamer.

This Saturday and Sunday, Rhythm City Casino is hosting their first-ever Fortnite Winter Classic. (You've probably seen your kids practicing the dance moves from the game). Players will compete in a Round Robin style tournament for a chance to win money. The tournament will offer a $2,000 pot, distributed between 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.

According to the event page, there are no age restrictions, and they will have casual, non-tournament play available on Friday for practice.

The tournament will span over Saturday and Sunday, and is expected to draw huge crowds. The gaming community has seriously expanded in recent years, to the point where there's even an eSports facility right here in Davenport!

For more details and registration info, click here.

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