September is the best month for apple picking and luckily for us in the QC, there are several different orchards we can visit for that.

Picking apples right from the orchard is something that just screams fall. What's more, most of the apple orchards nearby offer many more activities than just picking apples. The best time to go apple picking is in September/early October so it's the season for it. Scroll down to see some of the apple orchards close to us and what they have to offer!

Stone's Apple-Barn

Stone's Apple-Barn is in East Moline. Granted, they haven't updated their Facebook in a hot minute but their hours are still listed as the same. You can pick your own apples at Stone's Apple-Barn. They have a general store and farm animals too.

Camp Creek Farm & Orchard

Camp Creek is only about a half hour outside of the QC in Lynn Center, IL. You can get details about the apples you can pick here. Keep an eye out for pumpkins you can pick out too!

Tanner's Orchard

About an hour and a half outside of the QC in Speer, IL, you'll find Tanner's Orchard. According to their Facebook, they also offer face painting, pony rides, and grain train & barrel train rides.

Gravert's Apple Basket Orchard

Gravert's Apple Basket Orchard is about an hour away in Sabula. They have apples ready for you in their store or you can pick out your own in their orchards. They're open every day except for Tuesdays. You can see their hours and get more details here.

Wilson's Orchard

An hour away from the QC in Iowa City, you'll find Wilson's Orchard. You can pick your own apples, pick out a pumpkin, and even enjoy some craft beverages. Keep up with them on Facebook for the latest.

You have plenty of opportunities to do some apple picking in the next few weeks. Happy Fall!

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