As you're driving through Moline this weekend, and over the next few weeks, you might notice that the roads have gotten a paint job. Now, there are symbols that look like a bike with two arrows above it.

They aren't everywhere; you'll see them mostly on 12th Avenue, Coal Town Road, 60th Street, 41st Street, and 14th/16th Street. Don't freak out though, the symbols don't mean any part of the road is closed. It just means you'll be sharing it with bikers!

It does mean you'll need to be careful and keep and eye on them. By Illinois state law, bikers have the same rights as cars to these driving lanes; they don't have to stick so close to the curb.

More bike routes are planned, so residents will start seeing these street markings pop up more and more. It's all part of an effort that began last Spring to make traveling safer for cyclists.

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