If you had a lovely, fragrant live Christmas tree, there are a few ways you can get rid of it.

For a lot of folks, the week between Christmas and New Year's involves taking down Christmas decor. Or, if you're really hanging on to the spirit of the season, leaving the tree up after January 1st. But if you live in the QCA, your deadlines to get rid of your live Christmas tree are coming up so here are a few things you should know about what you can do with it.

Put It Outside With The Garbage Starting Next Week

Moline's Christmas tree pickup will be from January 2nd-January 12th.

Rock Island's is January 8th-January 19th and Bettendorf will pick up your Christmas trees with your trash now through January 6th. Davenport hasn't announced their live tree pickup times yet, but you can drop off a live tree at Davenport Compost Facility, which is at 2606 Railroad Street.

Make Sachets With The Pine Needles


The best part of live Christmas trees is the smell. Before you get rid of the tree, take a few of the pine branches off, put them in a small, fabric bag, and poof you have a sachet that can keep the evergreen smell going.

Turn It Into Mulch


Get a jumpstart on gardening in 2024 and turn the tree into mulch. Several places will put them through a wood chipper for you to make it into mulch.

Help The Animals

Some zoos and wildlife agencies accept live Christmas trees too. They make good fish habitats. Keep an eye out to see if a zoo or agency near you needs some trees in the coming weeks.

Obviously, before you get rid of the tree or do anything to it, take the decorations off of the tree. No one needs tinsel in their mulch.

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