It may not exactly be hot chocolate weather, but then again, whipped cream can go on so much more! It can go on pie, it can DEFINITELY go on ice cream, it can even go on breakfast food! (Yes, I am kind of hungry, why do you ask?)

Would you try flavored whipped cream though? It's out there; last year, Hershey's unveiled Reese's Peanut Butter Cup and Hershey's Milk Chocolate flavored whipped cream. This year, they're upping their game with caramel whipped cream.

It  hasn't "officially" been announced or released by them, but it has popped up in Illinois stores. It was discovered at Woodman's — a grocery chain that only exists in Illinois and Wisconsin — by a food Instagrammer by the handle @candyhunting.

Fittingly, it comes in a caramel-gold can, so if you're looking for it on your next shopping trip, that's the distinction to keep an eye out for!

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