Yesterday I went for a checkup and found out I had high blood pressure. As a 22 year old I should be at around 120 over 80. As of right now I am at 153 over 100. Clearly that’s not the best. After a talk with my doctor we decided my eating habits are probably playing a large role in this.


It all goes back to when I worked third shift, my eating habits were awful. I worked in a factory at age 18 and then became an overnight radio host at age 19. Fast forward three years, and now I’m no longer working third shift, but am still eating awfully.

My daily diet includes, chips for lunch, fast food for dinner, and 2 energy drinks. I also work out on the weekends. That’s the only time I drink a lot of water, and protein shakes.

After telling my doctor, I was told how dangerous my lifestyle was. So now I need to eat healthy, but I have no idea where to start. This is where I ask you the B100 listeners. What's a good way to start getting on a schedule and eating healthy?

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