It may be what you expected but I was ultimately, surprised.

In my mind, the women I see around, especially 'the ones' we tend to think have the perfect life, the perfect hair, clothes, job, kids, etc.. you know, the ones we think have it 'all together' (whatever that means), also happen to have perfectly shaved and moisturized legs. Yes, even in the winter.

Meanwhile, I'm a hot mess (only half the time) and am happy to remember to shave my legs, at all.

(I think I just  heard your gasps, audibly.)

That's right world. I'm not that perfect woman, in fact, far from it. I don't always have it all together (but I certainly do manage to keep it together despite the 'all' I have going on) and I certainly, in the winter, absolutely do NOT keep my legs shaved every day. Or even every week. Dare I say I think, and this is a teeny over statement, I shave my legs once every couple of weeks? I don't really keep track, to be honest. My rule of thumb is, if it starts to gross me out, I shave them. If I have a need to have shaved legs, for an event or the fact I am wearing a dress, I shave them. That's it. I keep it pretty simple.

Certainly, there had to be more women out there like me, who aren't interested in braiding their leg hair into dreds, necessarily, but who also don't choose to shave all the time? To my surprise, it's more common than I realized.

I took a little poll on my Facebook page and discovered that more women than I suspected, laughed right at me for even the suggestion of shaving in the winter and many of them only shave once every week or once every couple of weeks. This made my wintery day.

Some get an honorable mention for sharing they don't like the feel of the stubble so they shave more often, or they have to because of sensitive skin or because they are a little OCD. I even had a male friend reply (he's a cyclist) that he has only shaved his legs twice this winter.

The best part about my post that I loved the most? The fact that there was NO judgement. None, whatsoever. No mean girls on my page. No 'ew gross' comments. Just supportive women (and men) the way it should be.

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