One of the chores I hate more than doing dishes is doing laundry. I do 2-3 loads a week. I know, I know...some do 2-3 a day, but I'm a single guy. I do 1-2 loads of colors and a load of whites, and If I wash my bed sheets, there's another load easy.

There are some clothes that I can pry skip washing for a week or 2. There are some I can't wear again until they get washed.

Most of my shirts I will wear once and put them in the laundry. Occasionally, I will wear them again but not more than twice. I use the same towel pretty much all week, but what about like jeans, or sheets, or underwear. How long can they go without washing?

Underwear, I can only wear once and done. I won't look at them once they are done. According to, 97% of people wash their underwear after they wear it once.  3% of people sometimes re-wear the same pair even if it's dirty. And ladies, Only 5% wash them after every use . . . 56% go one or two weeks . . . and 33% wait until they SMELL WEIRD.  Women are much more aggressive with their sports bras.  41% wash them after every use, and no one just lets them go indefinitely.

My sheets, I try to change them once every couple weeks during the spring and summer, maybe once a month during the winter. Buzzfeed survey says...44% wash them every one or two weeks . . . another 35% wash them once a month . . . but 21% use them indefinitely and only throw them in the laundry when they're repulsive.

And last but not least, my jeans. I only own a couple pairs. I will normally wear the same ones all week unless they are funky. I wash them just about weekly, but I can go 2 weeks if I need to. Buzzfeed says 10% of people wash their jeans every single time they wear them and 44% do it at least once a week . . . but 28% go at least a month, and 18% will hold out for months and only wash them once they get a stain.


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