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With the 2020 Mississippi Valley Fair canceled, your 2020 Fun Card seems a little worthless right? Wrong! You can actually get ahead of the game for next year and exchange this years fun card for a 2021 fun card.

Back on July 14th, we got the unfortunate news that the 2020 Mississippi Valley Fair had been canceled. Just like everything else, the Mississippi Valley Fair was canceled because of the coronavirus pandemic. This years fair was to feature grandstand acts Locash, Keith Urban, Shinedown, Old Dominion, Pitbull and Craig Morgan. This years fair was scheduled for August 4th through August 9th and everyone was looking forward to it. But that damn 'rona...

For those of us who spent money and purchased a 2020 Fun Card, after the announcement of the fair being canceled, it felt like we wasted some money on another great summer. Hear is a silver lining in the coronavirus cloud. You can exchange your 2020 Fun Card for a 2021 Fun Card.

In an announcement on social media, officials from the Mississippi Valley Fair said that the new 2021 Mississippi Valley Fair Fun Cards are available. If you purchased a 2020 Fun Card, you can exchange yours right now for no extra charge.

If you want to exchange your Fun Card in person, you can stop by the fair office at 2815 West Locust Street in Davenport, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

You can also mail your Fun Card for an exchange to the same address, 2815 W Locust St., Davenport, IA 52804. Include the Fun Cards, your name, address and specify that you want to exchange your Fun Card.

If you purchased a Pepsi One Pass, the same procedure applies. If you wish for a full refund on either a Fun Card or Pepsi One Pass and want a mail-in refund, MVF officials ask that you specify that your want a refund.

Exchanges and refunds need to be done/submitted by August 15th. If you exchange for a 2021 Fun Card, there are no extra fees. If you wait until past the deadline or get a refund and purchase a Fun Card at a later date, you could be subject to a higher ticket price.

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