After last night's EF-2 tornado struck Muscatine, they could use some helping hands.

My night was much like yours last night. I woke up the kids and we huddled in the bathroom, listening to sirens, glued to the weather reports and watching WQAD's Facebook live ongoing coverage of where the tornado hit and where it was headed next. My sleepy little one told me she felt 'comfort by hearing Eric and James' voices.' That made me feel better, because I couldn't guarantee what would happen next and the flickering lights didn't offer much comfort to me.

The full extent of the damage was revealed once daybreak hit in Muscatine this morning. Downed power lines, storm debris and clean up is going to take awhile. Would you consider taking some time to help?

As a reminder, stay away from downed power lines if you see them and contact your power provider immediately.

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