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Hy-Vee will be doing its best to make sure all customers will be wearing a mask inside of their stores because they plan to hand out millions of masks starting next week.

In a press release on Tuesday, July 21st, Hy-Vee, based out of West Des Moines, announced that employees will be handing out masks to customers entering their stores. They plan to hand out more than 3 million masks.

Hy-Vee said in their press release that this is to protect its customers and employees from COVID-19. Employees at each Hy-Vee will give free masks to those entering its stores. This is going to start this Monday, July 27th. Hy-Vee says that handing out free masks is to help support the CDC’s recommendation to wear masks in public. This new initiative from Hy-Vee is called “Mask It Up To Shut COVID Down. It’s Your Choice.”

Starting this Monday, July 27th, employees will be located at the front doors of all stores to hand out masks to customers who are not wearing a mask when entering Hy-Vee to shop. Hy-Vee says that while shopping, customers will also see signage, employee attire, and other reminders throughout the store about the educational campaign.

Hy-Vee employees have been required to wear a mask since the start of the pandemic and they continue to wear a mask while working at the store.

The press release did not say that a mask is required to be in the store, but it is very much encouraged. A full list of stores that require customers to wear a mask when entering their store(s) is below.

Companies That Require Customers To Wear A Mask

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