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Iowa DOT
Iowa DOT

If you're looking for some good news towards the end of 2020, here is some! Officials from the I-74 River Bridge announced that the Iowa-bound portion is expected to be complete by the end of November.

For those that travel the I-74 bridge on a consistent basis, you have something to look forward to at the end of November. According to officials with the new I-74 River Bridge, the Iowa-bound lanes should be finished at the end of the month.

In an announcement on the I-74 River Bridge website, officials say that crews are working quickly to prepare the new I-74 bridge for traffic.

Currently, workers and contractors are working on finishing the follow tasks:

  • Painting the arch
  • Finishing lighting installation and testing
  • Striping the roadway
  • Moving barrier walls
  • Installing new sign trusses over the roadway

Even though the Iowa-bound lanes on the new I-74 River Bridge are expected to be finished at the end of November, there are still a few road closures associated with the construction.

On Monday, 12th Avenue was closed between 19th Street and 18th Street in Moline for watermain repairs by the city. Bridge contractors are also working in that location. Commuters that travel 12th Avenue between 19th and 18th street are being detoured to 6th Avenue and 4th Avenue in Moline. The work in this area is expected to be finished within one week from which it started.

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