Generation X'ers unite! I heard a commercial today about the "I Love the '90's Tour" coming to the iWireless Center on April 15th. I was sad that the line-up for this show isn't quite the same as the line-up that came to Cedar Rapids in December.

Vanilla Ice wasn't on the ticket this time. Being a child of the '90's you couldn't go anywhere without hearing "Ice Ice Baby" or seeing him on TV or in movies. They even gave him his own movie. Anyone remember "Cool As Ice?" I wasn't a big fan in the '90's but I respected his music. My younger sister was the one that was crazy for Vanilla Ice and M.C. Hammer. We would have battles to see whose music would annoy our mom the fastest. I am the king when it comes to annoying my mom, so I always won.

As far as 90's musical taste goes, I was more of a grunge kid. I loved hair bands and grunge, which eventually killed the hair bands. My mom used to come into my room and raid my cassette collection. Now that I'm a adult, I can appreciate all kinds of music... even Vanilla Ice.

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