It's the beloved season of PSL's and every grocery store item is having a pumpkin spice flavor and a study looked at which states love it most.

Zippia looked at the top pumpkin spice-obsessed states in the U.S. Illinois ranks pretty darn high on that list. To figure out who is waist-deep in pumpkin spice, Zippia looked at Google Trends to see which states are looking up pumpkin spice stuff the most. And that includes all things pumpkin spice, not just recipes or the infamous PSL's that arguably started this whole thing.


So whether or not you're an Illinoisian reading this thinking 'oh absolutely not, pumpkin spice is overrated and the worst' or if you're reading this while drinking a PSL, the stats from Google Trends prove that Illinois overall definitely loves pumpkin spice stuff. So cut a bit of slack to the girl at work who posts punny Insta captions from pumpkin patches and haunted houses, while wearing the unofficial fall uniform of wide-brimmed hats and thigh-high riding boots.

While Illinois doesn't rank at the very top in the nation for pumpkin spice, it does rank in the top twenty. Illinois is the 17th most pumpkin spice-obsessed state in the nation. What's not surprising about the results is that Zippia found that most states get their pumpkin spice latte fixes at Starbucks or Dunkin'.

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In case you're wondering, West Virginia carries the distinct honor of being the most pumpkin spice-obsessed state according to Google Trends. The state that was the least fan of pumpkin spice was Mississippi.

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