I don't know about you but when my grass started getting long, I was pumped to fire up my lawn mower. Maybe it's just me being a dad doing typical dad things, but I love making my yard look awesome. Many Illinoisans and Midwesterners are firing up their lawn mowers to make their yards look great too.

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In our area, we have a lot of homeowners that work seconds and thirds that throw off their schedule to get their yard mow. Finding the best time without being a nuisance is tough. Depending on what time you mow your law in Illinois could land you a hefty fine.

What Time Can You Legally Mow Your Lawn In Illinois?

People do weird things or have weird schedules that force them to mow their lawn at odd hours. It's almost impossible to 'quietly' mow your yard because mowers are noisy. If you're caught operating a lawn mower outside of certain hours you are probably violating a noise ordinance and could get you in trouble leading to warnings and fines.

Ordinances in communities across Illinois vary from town to town. Each curfew and noise ordinance says that excessive noise violates the comfort and health of others. In Chicago, they have several definitions on when 'quiet times' are for construction, loading and unloading, partying, and using tools for home maintenance and upkeep like a lawnmower.

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Most communities in Illinois and in other states allow lawnmowers to be fired up starting as early as 7 a.m. Most cities, including Chicago, begin quiet hours around 10 p.m. While there isn't a lot of grass to mow in Chicago, communities throughout Illinois have big lawns that need mowed. It's the same on the Iowa side.

If you want to file a noise complaint and be a Karen instead of talking to your neighbor, this is what I found for how to file a noise complaint in Illinois. A fine can run you anywhere from $50 to even $750 in some Illinois cities if convicted of violating a local ordinance.

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