Don't have a license, but want to try fishing? Here's your opportunity.

If you're less of an angler and more of a sun-tanner when you're hanging out at a lake, you probably don't want to fork out the money for a fishing license. Luckily, both Iowa and Illinois have free fishing days so you can still try your luck at reeling in a big one.

Free fishing days have been announced for both Iowa and Illinois for this summer. In Iowa, you can give the sport a go on June 1-3. In Illinois, fishing is free on Father's Day weekend, June 16-17. The timing is so perfect for Illinois since it gives teenagers a chance to fish with their dads without having to deal with paying for a license. Bravo, state of Illinois.

Normally, the cost for licensing in Iowa is $19. Kids under 16 are free, but may need to purchase a trout fee. The typical fishing license fee is $15 in Illinois and kids under 16 do not require a license.

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