Though we are state neighbors, the guilty pleasures couldn't be more opposite.

Everyone has their 'thing' they love to watch online. Some people love life-hack videos, easy recipes and others love fluffy kittens. Some really like sites like Buzfeed and Reddit, while porn, (surprise, surprise) almost always makes the top lists for guilty pleasures, though it's not the top thing in every state.

Whatever your 'guilty pleasure' is, rest assured, no matter how great your delete button on your browsing history is, you can be certain Google is keeping track of your trends, according to

A map breakdown of each state revealed that Iowa's top searched guilty pleasure is


Illinois shouldn't surprise you but I will warn you, it's drastically different than Iowa's. The most searched guilty pleasure in the great state of Illinois is 'XXX content.'


Only you know (and Google) if you've contributed to either of these categories.


Here's the full map of each state and the guilty pleasure associated. You may be shocked or not surprised at all. Either way, one way to look at guilty pleasures is to realize that a guilty pleasure could be looking at the guilty pleasures of the states around you. Just sayin'.

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