Out for graduation night and having fun. It was the last his friends saw him, until he was found here.

You can imagine the shock of waking up the next morning, after a fun night out with friends, to a call that one of them was in medically-induce coma, suffering form life-threatening injuries.

Ryan Jansa went from celebrating to fighting for his life.

According to KCCI.com,

Jansa was celebrating the University of Iowa's graduation with friends, and was found lying near a dumpster by sanitation workers around five hours later.

Jansa's sister told KCRG her brother has a fractured neck and wrist, cuts, bumps and bruises. Jansa is now in a medically-induced coma.

If you have any information on what happened or who could have been involved, please contact the Iowa City, IA. Police Department at 319-356-5275.