With sadness, it is reported that a man from Eastern Iowa passed away just one day after claiming a $2 million Powerball prize from the Iowa Lottery.

Eastern Iowa Man Finally Claims $2 Million Powerball Winnings

$213 Million Powerball Jackpot Has Mystery Winner
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Back in November, we told you how someone in Eastern Iowa was the only person from the November 25, 2023, drawing to win $2 million in the U.S. We knew that the ticket was sold in Clinton, Iowa but we didn't know who the lucky winner was.

On April 17, 2024, we finally found out who the winner was. Mark Krogman, 72 of Clinton, was the lucky winner of the $2 million Powerball prize.

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Krogman, who is retired, claimed his prize on Wednesday, April 17th. Prizes won in Powerball games must be claimed within 180 days of the drawing in which they were won. Mark was roughly a month away from hitting that deadline. He said he felt shock and joy when he realized he'd won big.

Iowa Lottery
Iowa Lottery

Krogman's ticket was purchased at Clinton Liquor, 1641 S. Bluff Blvd. in Clinton, and came within one number of winning the $337.9 million jackpot in the Powerball drawing on November 25.

His ticket initially matched the first five numbers but missed the Powerball to win a $1 million prize. But Krogman added the Power Play® option to his purchase, which multiplies the prize at the Match 5 level to $2 million, according to lottery officials.

Krogman's ticket was the only one in the country to win a $2 million prize in that night's drawing. Clinton Liquor received a $2,000 bonus from the Iowa Lottery for selling the $2 million-winning ticket. Krogman told the Iowa Lottery that he had specific plans for his winnings: He wants to pay off his house and possibly add onto it, help his family with needed finances, and just enjoy life.

Sadly, Krogram didn't get to enjoy his winnings for long as he passed away the next day.

Iowa Powerball Winner Dies The Day After Claiming Winnings

According to the obituary posted by Lemke Funeral Services in Clinton, Iowa, Mark Krogman, 72, passed away peacefully at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics on Thursday, April 18, 2024.

Lemke Funeral Services says that they are honoring Krogman's wishes and cremation rites have been accorded with a celebration of life to take place at a later date. Lemke Funeral Homes say they are honored to serve the Krogman family during this difficult time.

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Mark was born February 19, 1952, in Clinton, Iowa the son of Edmund and Helen (Nelson) Krogman. He was baptized Catholic and graduated from St. Mary’s High School in Clinton, where he met the love of his life Judith "Judy" Brennan, with whom he was later united in Marriage in November 1973. He retired from Case I.H. in East Moline, IL. after a long career there, following the closing of that facility.

Mark's obituary says that he always possessed a love for music, enjoyed nature and observing all the animals in their natural environment, was a movie buff, particularly enjoying the drive-in theatre, and, above all, Mark loved to be surrounded by his family and loved them very much. He will be incredibly missed by all those who knew and loved him.

Our condolences go to Mark's family during this difficult time.

Claiming Lottery Prizes In Iowa

425 Million Jackpot Draws Hopeful Lottery Ticket Buyers
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According to the Iowa Lottery's rules, prizes of more than $250,000 as well as some special merchandise prizes must be claimed in person at the Iowa Lottery headquarters office in Clive. While prizes can be claimed via mail, a prize of more than $250,000 must be claimed in person.

Iowa Lottery officials say that once the money is won, it always belongs to the winner. Iowa law provides that if the winner should die, the money would go to the winner's estate. The lottery will make future payments as determined by the estate or the court. There was no information on whether Krogman selected the annuity or lump sum option.

In 1986, another man from Iowa died suddenly after claiming his lottery winnings. According to the New York Times, Charles Caskey, 77 years old, of Akron, suffered a stroke hours after becoming the first big winner in the Iowa Lottery.

Caskey claimed his ticket on Wednesday, April 15, 1986. Less than four hours after collecting part of his $50,000 grand prize in the lottery's instant ''Hog Wild'' game. Mr. Caskey, a semiretired car salesman, died from a stroke.

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